Frequently Asked Questions

We know that Insurance is no walk-in-the-park. We are here to help you, every step of the way, to ensure that your precious equine companions are properly protected. Browse our FAQ's to help you fully grasp some of our coverages and what to expect when incepting coverage with our agency.



What separates C. Jarvis Insurance from other Equine Mortality carriers?

-Not only does C. Jarvis Insurance offer the most competitive rates in the industry, but we have exceptional customer service that brings in generations of families that entrust us with securing their financial assets…

How do I determine the Mortality value of my horse?

-Just like any insurance that is purchased, C. Jarvis Insurance is here to indemnify you for the investment you have made; no less or no more.

-If this is a new purchase, mortality value is determined starting with the purchase price. Transportation expenses may also be included in the mortality value, along with any costs you may have incurred with your pre-purchase exam costs. As you train for competitions and start to grow your show record, this value can be reflected and increasing this value can be done any time during the policy period.

How much will my insurance policy cost?

-You can request a quote here, or call during regular office hours at +1-440-248-5330.

Do I have to insure for the exact Mortality value?

-C. Jarvis Insurance, unlike other carriers, allows you to underinsure. We do not allow over-insurance however.

What does the application process entail to insure my horse?

-If the mortality value of your horse is below $50,000 ($75,000 upon renewal), we will just require an application. If the mortality value is above $50,000, there has been any illness or injury in the past two years, you are applying for loss of use or stallion permanent disability, and we will require a veterinary certificate along with an application. Please do not hesitate to contact our office with any questions.

Does my Equine Mortality policy require a veterinary certificate?

The following circumstances would require a completed veterinary certificate:

-If your horse has experienced an accident, injury or illness in the past two years

-If you are applying for Loss of Use, or Stallion Permanent Disability or any other coverage besides mortality and major medical

-It’s stated on your renewal paperwork that one is required due to a recent claim (2 policy periods or sooner)

-If the Mortality value of the horse is above $50,000

Under which circumstances are coverages excluded?

-If your horse has a pre-existing condition (2 years or earlier), coverage will be excluded for a 12 Month period and once the horse has received a clean veterinary certificate the exclusion may be lifted by Underwriters.

What if I need coverage immediately?

-Please contact our office if you require immediate coverage.

What circumstances would I need to notify you regarding treatment of my horse?

-If your horse is being seen/treated for any reason other than routine maintence, we need to be notified immediately at +1-440-248-5330 or after hours at +1-800-JARVIS-0

How do I report a claim after-hours?

-If immediate, emergency assistance is required, please call our 24/7 claims phone, +1-440-856-6683 or proceed by contacting our office (+1-440-248-5330) and they will direct you to our in house claims faciliatior. 

What is the time frame for reporting claim/ sending invoices into the office?

-When dealing with an emergency, we understand your immediate priority isn’t to contact us. We do ask that you contact us as soon as possible, and no later than 90 days after the initial injury/illness.

Can I take out a Major Medical/Surgical only policy?

-No; In addition, you can add major medical/ surgical or any other coverage. Without mortality, you cannot purchase any other coverage.

What carriers/ underwriters does C. Jarvis Insurance use?

-We at C. Jarvis Insurance Agency pride ourselves on working with the best companies in order to provide you the best rates and coverages possible. We only write with A+ or better rated companies. We are honored to write business through General Security National Insurance Company, Great American Insurance Company, American Bankers, Travelers, and many more.

What does 12 Month extension mean?

-Your horse has 12 Months to fully recover after an incident before a Mortality exclusion is added to your policy. 

Are there short term policies/binders available?

-30-90 days short term policies are available. Please contact our office for procedures on getting these short term coverages.

Can I renew a policy with just a payment?

-On-time payments are appreciated, but we also require your renewal application for your renewal to be complete and processed.

When can I increase the value of my horse?

-You may increase mortality values or any other coverage at any time; we will just require a new application. Please contact our office with any specific questions.

Can I transfer my policy to a new owner?

-Policy ownership cannot be transferred to a new owner; we require that the new owner complete his/her own mortality application and the seller remove from their current policy via contacting our office in writing.

Can my trainer fill out my application/paperwork?

-Yes, if you wish for them to be a contact person for your policy you may have them complete the paperwork as an agent for yourself. 


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