Equine Insurance Coverage

ll representatives of Jarvis are horse enthusiasts, often riders and exhibitors of their own horses. This kind of hands-on involvement gives Jarvis the upper hand about what’s important to horsemen; it takes a horseman to understand. It’s been an integral part of the Jarvis tradition since we wrote our very first policy in 1946.

Below, you can find out more about some of our available coverages.



Mortality is the base coverage. It reimburses you the full mortality value in the event of death or theft and includes coverage for ground transit within the policy limits. The mortality value of a new purchase is the purchase price. This can be increased after you’ve owned the horse for some time, generally no sooner than six months, with a proven show or breeding record while under your care.

Typical policy limits are the United Stated and Canada or Europe, depending on where your horse is located.

There is also a $3,500-5,000 limit for Emergency Colic Surgery included with every eligible horse’s mortality coverage in the US and Canada.



Surgical covers surgical treatment under general anesthesia for an accident, illness, or injury. It does not cover any elective or cosmetic procedures, any preexisting conditions, or any treatment that occurs outside of general anesthesia.



Major Medical covers veterinary treatment for an accident, illness, or injury and includes both surgery and some diagnostics. It does not cover routine or preventative care like annual immunizations or maintenance joint injections, on-going treatment for chronic issues, elective or cosmetic procedures, or any preexisting conditions.



Stallion Permanent Disability is to protect you in the event your breeding stallion becomes totally and permanently impotent, infertile, or incapable of serving mares due to an accident, illness, or injury. A veterinary certificate stating the stallion is in good breeding health is required to incept the coverage, and it will reimburse you the full insured value of your stallion.


Single Air Transit is an additional coverage for horses making an intercontinental flight, whether it’s being imported or exported. A lot can happen on a plane and this will protect your investment in the event the horse is determined to be of danger to the safety of the aircraft, crew, passengers, or cargo and must be destroyed.



Worldwide coverage is available for horses making intercontinental flights or traveling to multiple countries during one policy period.


Prospective foal insurance will reimburse you an agreed amount in the event of a loss. Coverage is available once the mare is 40 days confirmed in foal. Rates vary depending on the term of the pregnancy. Coverage extends up to thirty days after birth. Since this time of a horse’s life can be so risky, prospective foal insurance requires a special veterinary certificate that must be submitted the day the pregnancy check— either by ultrasound or palpation— is performed. This coverage is non-refundable, and the full premium is due upfront.

Of course, these are just some of the options we have available. We also have coverages for frozen semen in storage, embryo rights or barrenness, other livestock, and even 100% Shariah Compliant (Takaful) equine coverage. Contact one of our equine insurance agents today and they can help you find coverage tailored to your needs!