Farm, Ranch, and Liability

 Farm and Ranch Owner's Insurance

Your farm and horses constitute one of the most important investments of your lifetime. Most Homeowner’s policies do not cover the special risk of farms, ranches or stables. Buying, breeding, selling, boarding, and training horses are considered business pursuits and as such come with their own special legal liabilities.

C. Jarvis Insurance Agency will custom tailor your Farm and Ranch Owner’s policy to provide you the individualized coverage you need.

Farm Umbrella and Excess Insurance

The Farm and Ranch Umbrella and Excess are available to individuals, partnerships, or other organizations that already have an underlying policy with C. Jarvis Insurance Agency. This plan provides “excess” coverage in a specific amount in one reasonable and convenient policy. Its purpose is to protect the insured over and above the liability limits on regular farm, personal, commercial farm, auto, and other underlying coverage.

Farm and Ranch Umbrella and Excess Insurance provides liability for damages resulting from claims of bodily injury or property damage to tangible property of others arising out of the insured premises, and personal, commercial farm or stable activities and related operations of the insured.

Stable and Trainer Liability

Insurance protection for stable owners, trainers, instructors and people working in the horse business is vital. Whether your business includes boarding horses, private lessons, clinics, horse sales and shows or operating a riding academy, liability coverage for bodily injury to others and property damage is imperative.

Coverage is provided on an annual basis or short-term protection for special events, such as horse shows, sales and clinics.

Tack and Equipment

This program provides maximum protection for all your important equipment. There is no deductible, so the horseman is fully protected. Protections include damage or loss due to theft, fire, smoke, lightening, windstorm, cyclone, tornado, hail, earthquake, flood, vehicular collision, explosion and similar occurrences. Coverage is not provided for loss caused by wear and tear, defects, insects and vermin.

Care, Custody, and Control

If you board, train, or breed horses owned by others, it is doubtful that your general liability policy will protect you from lawsuits should an animal become injured, sick or die while in your care.

Care, Custody, and Control Insurance specifically covers legal liability resulting from the injury, sickness or death of horses you are boarding or training as well as the cost of defending a subsequent lawsuit, if you are claimed to be negligent.

This insurance is a necessity for professional horsemen as well as for anyone caring for horses that belong to others in any capacity.

Limits of liability can be selected from one of several options, up to $200,000 per animal and $500,000 maximum loss per policy year. Higher limits are available.

Private Horse Owner's Liability

Private Horse Owner’s Liability Insurance is coverage for the individual horse owner not involved in the commercial use of horse(s). This covers you in the unfortunate event your horse would injure someone or cause damage to a third-party. 

Club and Organizational Liability

Equine Club Liability is a twelve-month policy covering shows, clinics, sales and other events sponsored by clubs and/ or organizations. This policy is intended to protect the organization against any liability claims that would stem from the club's activities. 

Equestrian Events, Horse Shows and Clinics


Horse Shows and Clinic Coverage protects the individuals and/or organization responsible for arranging the event. Coverage also extends to show officials and premise owner. This 

Director's & Officers Liability Insurance

Director's and Officers Liability is available for any entity (for profit or non-profit) that has a board of directors. This protects the board members personal assets in the unfortunate event of a claim. 

Other coverages may be available depending on your operations. Reach out to our office today to get a tailored quote specifically for your equine endeavors.