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Since 1946, C. Jarvis Insurance has proven to be a vanguard in fulfulling the modern horseman's insurance needs;

Equine Mortality, Farm and Ranch, Liability and more...


As an equine professional there are a variety of risks and exposures that you may believe are covered by your general liability coverage but due to the nature of the profession, horsemen should not depend on this elementary coverage. The team at C. Jarvis Insurance is comprised of owners, breeders, exhibitors, grooms, and trainers in various breeds.  We have the leg up on other insurance agencies because we understand the needs of the modern equine industry and we have since 1946. 

Personal Accident

Package Includes: Pays cash to you for any covered injury on or off the job Payroll Mortgage/Rent Car Payments Groceries Deductibles for Hospitalization Benefits payable up to 2 years Multiple options for varied income levels Accidental death & dismemberment included Quick & easy application process No deductable Coverage

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