Insuring more than just assets, it's insuring what really matters

Since 1946, Jarvis Insurance has set the standard for equine insurance.

International Equine and Blood Stock insurance is our sole specialty and our only focus.

Our Story

Equine Insurance

All representatives are horse enthusiasts, riders and exhibitors of their own horses. This hands-on involvement gives Jarvis the upper hand about what's important to horsemen. Contact us to receive an equine insurance quote[Find out More]

Farm & Ranch Insurance

Your farm and horses constitute one of the most important investments of your lifetime. Most Homeowner's policies don't cover the special risk of farms, ranches or stables. With farm insurance from Jarvis, you don't have to worry [Find out More]

Personal Accident Insurance

This unique new policy is genuinely one-of-a-kind. Whether you are injured on or off the job, it provides coverage for those who make their living directly within the equine industry. Our accident and disability insurance has you covered. [Find out More]