Penny Stuart

Phoenix, AZ 

 Mobile: +1.480. 375.1795 

 Fax: +1.602.995.2870


nsurance has been a multi-generational industry for Penny Stuart.  She, along with her sisters and mother have owned and operated one of the largest insurance agencies in Central Phoenix for over 35 years. As the managing director of the Agency, Penny has a unique understanding of how insurance can manage the risks of everyday life and help individuals recover from the unexpected.  “There is definitely a big difference in the behavior of an individual that is adequately covered for a loss and one that is not.  The difference is calm in the face of chaos rather than panic and desperation”.  Penny and her Agency are known for outstanding customer service and have been awarded many industry commendations and awards for excellence.

Penny’s passion outside of the office is Arabian English horses.  She has owned and shown Arabians, Half-Arabians and American Saddlebred’s at the National level for past ten-plus years.  During that period of time, she has developed a real interest in the science of equine health and nutrition.  She is passionate about what keeps a horse sound and performing at their peak.  She has done a lot of research and study in the area and worked closely with several veterinarians to become an informed resource on the subject.  

Equine insurance is an essential part of that process. Many times, financial limitations prevent owners from exercising the best medical options for their horse.  Often times, desperate decisions are made that are not in the best interest of the animal solely because of a lack of funds.  Additionally, lack of knowledge about equine health and nutrition may bring on unnecessary trips to the hospital.  Knowledge is certainly Power, when it can help you understand how to do your part in your horse’s health. Equine insurance is an excellent way to plan for the unexpected and provide a vehicle for a horse to be given what it needs after an accident or injury”.